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#NYNF - #24HRTML - Production Journal - For The Neos I Never Knew...

I love your plays. Going through the NY Neo archive is not unlike cracking open a dusty volume in a school library and finding handwritten notes by some illustrious forebear. 

I am in awe of you. I only did the show for a year. I was a rookie when I left. Meanwhile you have sweat and bled and grown into stedfast, veteran players. 

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#NYNF - #24HRTML - Production Journal - So You Think You Can Neo?

I learned a lot from my time with the Neos and being in Too Much Light (TML). Being with them again, reminds me of how much I've forgotten.

# Writing With Urgency

When I first started with the Neos, I'd write these things that were, I suppose, philosophically interesting and--if I might have hope in my old self--timeless.

Well, the problem with that is one could almost say, "We can always produce that next week."

Thus, my plays were not getting picked not just because I didn't champion myself (which I'll get to later). They didn't get picked because I wrote plays that did not need to be performed.

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NYNF - 24HRTML - Production Journal - It Begins And Ends With Nostalgia

I miss the NY Neo-Futurists. 

The time I spent with them was the most productive artistic period of my life. While in the show, I was writing 2-10 minutes of performable material per week. While that may not sound like much, imagine being tasked with creating scripts ready to be produced for a New York audience every week. It's Herculean to say the least when you consider that these folks not only help run the company and have day jobs because theatre doesn't pay the bills. 

You may ask yourself how this is possible. It's because I was  supported by a group of individuals so dedicated and so talented that their collective creative output can only be described as a juggernaut. 

"Right." you say. "But what does it look like?"

Good question. 

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