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F. Omar Telan - "Poets On A Porch" hosted by the Fox Chase Reading Series @ Ryerss Museum & Library

  • Ryerss Museum and Library 7370 Central Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19111 USA (map)

7370 Central Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19111

UPDATE: I have a 10-15 minute set.

Come out early to enjoy the coolest, little museum you never knew existed, even if you've lived in Fox Chase all your life. Seriously, Ryerss had a lot of stuff. How often do you get to see ivory sculptures? Okay, that might be distasteful for some of you, but it's like going to the Mütter Museum and seeing the anatomical volumes bound through anthropodermic bibliopegy. (Look it up, it'll blow your mind. [I've digressed...])

After your visit to the museum and independent library (with a great kids section), stay for a showcase of exciting area poets... and me rocking it out with the backdrop of rolling hills of green... well, they're not as much rolling as sloping... and there's only one hill... and the house--I mean library/museum is on top of it... so really the backdrop is a the vast valley where the children play... sometimes somebody flies a kite too. Wait. What am I talking about again? Oh, right. Come to the show. It'll be a good time. 

Event lineup from the Fox Chase Review blog in no particular order:

Diane Sahms-Guarnieri 
g emil reutter 
Hayden Saunier 
John TImpane 
Bernadette McBride 
Frank Wilson 
Mel Brake 
Paul Siegel 
Noah Cutler 
F Omar Telan 
Mike Cohen 
Tree Riesener 
George Wylesol 
Kelly O'Neil