WishList - iOS

# Settings #

Prioritize saved wifi networks.

I live & work in a place where I often switch networks. iOS defaults to the last wifi used. However, there is one I want to prioritize above all others if it is available.

# Sync #

 * Ability to dis/enable sync per device

* App & Folder sync between devices

* Settings sync between devices

# Spotlight Search #

* When I do a search from the home screen, below the option to Search Web and Search Wikipedia, please add-in Search App Store.

* Search Web & Search Wikipedia listed above all other results.

# Control Center #

* Display which WiFi network my device is currently connected.

# Mail, Contacts, Calendars #

## Fetch ##

* Option for daily

* Option to schedule when fetch occurs

* Option to geo-fence where fetch occurs

* Option for "on Wi-Fi only”

# File System #

I know it’ll never happen, but I would love access to my iOS file systems without jail breaking.