WishList - @coursera


[If any developers read this, first of all, thank you. I started writing my WishLists precisely because I love your app and want to use it more.]

# Daily or Weekly email digests for forum updates (2014-09-11)

I am taking ModPo and these forums are crazy chatty. Even with Gmail's tools, it's a bit overwhelming. That said, I don't want there to be no emails. As then, I'd forget to check entirely. 

# More integration and unity with the mobile apps (2014-09-11)

I, for one, would use your app more if it would more accurately mirror the UI of you site. 

# Social media integration (2014-09-11)

I've found that I am more likely to take a class when my friends are taking it. Perhaps there's a way to make your site integrate more social media. I will add that I am not sure if that means integrating with existing, external sites or adding more features your service.