Omar’s (Un-Produced) Too Much Light Plays - Sometimes I Forget...: Back to the Future

Sometimes I Forget That This Is The Planet Earth And I'm Not In Some Cosmic Sci-Fi Comic Fantasy Journey That Is The Greatest Adventure That Any Human Has Ever Had Ever: Back to the Future

[During Intro Speech.]

[ADAM SMITH enters stage right with a piece of paper in his hand.]

ADAM [Overly pronounced and yelling.]

[ADAM exits. Person giving the speech watches this, does not address it, continues Intro speech.]

[After “Go” is called. Back to the Future theme plays quietly in the background.]

Adam, you made it. Start recording with your iPhone. Good Evening, I’m New York Neo-Futurist and certified Genius F. Omar Telan. This is Temporal Experiment #1. I have made this entire stage into a time machine and am about to send Adam Smith into the far future.  Using my Flux Capacitor I’ve transformed this stage into a time machine.

Omar, that’s a cardboard box labeled “Suspension of Disbelief.”

Exactly, this Flux Capacitor will allow you travel into the future! Go through those doors and read this universal greeting to the future beings on the other side of this time tunnel.

[ADAM goes through door and yells, “Ba-weep-gra-na-weep-ninny-bong!” Returns to the stage.]

You do remember telling me to read this same passage at the beginning of the show.

Great Scott! You went back in time! Your actions in the past could have affect this future in ways we can’t even predict.


[Numbering note, this piece should be one of the following numbers 27, 37, 47, or 57.]

Author’s Note: I realized that it’s going to be a very long time (if ever) before I am in Too Much Light and am producing new work with them. I have a few old, never produced plays so I thought I’d just publish them here on my site instead of letting them collect... dust(?).