Omar’s (Un-produced) Too Much Light Plays: Mandala I: Entomophobia

Mandala I: Entomophobia

[Before the show a large piece of black construction paper should be affixed to one of the spinning doors. 

During set-up, there should be a sign set for each W.

At the start of the play, Guyamas Sonora by Beruit plays.

The play begins. 

Carrying notebooks, the Ws enter and sit facing upstage. Once sitting, the Ws should be either making drawings or be writing about things that make them sad. 

W1 holds up her/is sign for a beat.

"Can you feel six feet cuddle on your
back between your failed wings?"

Once W1 lowers the sign, PAINTER enters and begins to paint on the construction paper. PAINTER should think about something sad while s/he paints with only red paint.

W2 holds up sign to audience for a beat.
"Are you lying naked on a bed of mothballs;
the musk tainting your pores?"

Once PAINTER starts painting, DANCER ONE and DANCER TWO enter. DANCER ONE blindfolds DANCER TWO.

DANCERS begin a waltz with DANCER ONE leading. 
W3 holds up sign for a beat.

"Is bloodletting a form of sex?"

Once DANCERS begin dancing, BUILDER enters.

W4 holds up sign for a beat. 

"Do you hear a mother praying by
the egg-filled hole of your belly?"

BUILDER begins building a tower of cards. 

BUILDER ought to be good at card building, but the goal is to build a tower with all 52 cards so it should be nigh impossible.

The DRINKER sets up 2 blocks, 2 chairs, or a block and a chair.

W5 holds up her/is sign for a beat & DRINKER then stare at the bottle in front of her/im.

"When a 'roach crawls into your sleeping
mouth, is it merely seeking heat?

Or, like a man, does it crawl
backwards searching for a womb?"

---[door]---[spinning door]-[spinning door]-[spinning door]---[door]---

Author’s Note: I realized that it’s going to be a very long time (if ever) before I am in Too Much Light and am producing new work with them. I have a few old, never produced plays so I thought I’d just publish them here on my site instead of letting them collect... dust(?).