Omar’s (Un-produced) Too Much Light Plays: Familiar


[During entrance, NEO1 (who must be single) names an audience member PYGMALION.]

[2 chairs downstage right. Chair one facing straight downstage. Chair two, on an angle, facing chair one. Music starts after title is called.]

PYGMALION, please quickly enter stage downstage right. Please hurry, timed show. [If necessary.] Seriously, move your ass. Please sit [NEO1 motions for PYGMALION to sit in chair two. NEO1 sits in chair one. NEO1 hands PYGMALION the lump of clay.] You now have 30 seconds to sculpt me. Go. [At 30 seconds.] Please stop. Please show me. Please hold it with me. [NEO1 takes both of PYGMALION's hands and holds the sculpture in both their hands.]

[female version]
When I die, drain the
blood, mix with clay, sculpt a wo-
man that you can love.

[male version]
When I die, drain the
blood, mix with clay, and sculpt a
man that you can love.


Author’s Note: I realized that it’s going to be a very long time (if ever) before I am in Too Much Light and am producing new work with them. I have a few old, never produced plays so I thought I’d just publish them here on my site instead of letting them collect... dust(?).