Omar’s (Un-produced) Too Much Light Plays: Deja Beat

Deja Beat

[Everyone puts on berets, sunglasses, and holds a cigarette. If possible, everyone wears a black dickie. Repeat last play, but add random MANs as much as possible. All Neos who were not in the play line the sides striking the most pretentious stance they can. At the end of the play, do not call "Curtain" right away. Instead, there's a beat (ba-dum-tsh!) when all Neos snap as applause. Then, "Curtain"]

Author’s Note: I realized that it’s going to be a very long time (if ever) before I am in Too Much Light and am producing new work with them. I have a few old, never produced plays so I thought I’d just publish them here on my site instead of letting them collect... dust(?).