Omar’s (Un-produced) Too Much Light Plays: Anal the Play

[At GO, all NEOs use overly ceremonial gestures. NEO1 pours an 8oz cup of water onto the middle of the stage then exits. NEO2 sets a small stand behind the puddle then exits. The stand should be some sort of object that approximates a towel rod or clothesline. It should be approximately 12" tall. NEO3 hangs a handkerchief on the stand. NEO3 scans the audience in a left to right arch makes eye contact with a random audience member who looks like they clean a lot. Without breaking eye contact NEO3 points at the towel with one finger, points at her/is eyes with two fingers, then points those two fingers at the audience member in the impromptu staring contest. NEO3 walks off stage without breaking eye contact.  CURTAIN. ]

Author’s Note: I realized that it’s going to be a very long time (if ever) before I am in Too Much Light and am producing new work with them. I have a few old, never produced plays so I thought I’d just publish them here on my site instead of letting them collect... dust(?).