Learning Linux 001: Dyn Client, OpenLDAP

I was able to setup and run the Dyn client "ddclient".

apt-get install ddclient

I read through two sets of instructions and tried to install OpenLDAP. It seems like everything went through, but the PHP web-console isn't loading properly. Basically I get an error message that the PHP is pulling the non-existant or incorrect information.

I've reviewed the documentation and compared it against the code I modified. I'm not finding any errors. It might be that there is another custom config interfering with OpenLDAP.

Rather than scouring the logs to determine where the failure is occuring, I'm taking this opportunity to configure Raspbian onto a larger SD card. While it's great to have this 8gb pre-imaged SD card, I'm going to quickly run out of space. I think it's best to migrate to a different SD card sooner than later. 

Once on that new card, I'll determine a procedure to capture images of the system.