#FunADay 2015-01-01 It begins with lessons


1. Pick something you know how to do.

I really should have thought about that sooner. I really don't know what I'm doing sculpting.

2. Molds make things easier but not easy.

3. Read the directions.

Had I opened the mold package and read the instructions earlier, I would have known that I needed wire and cornstarch. Cornstarch is to get the clay out the mold easier. Wire makes the figure able to stand.

4. Pressing onward does have some rewards.

A. I made something. Something brand new. That is awesome. That it is ugly and will fall apart if I try to do anything with it is beside the point. It's done! 

B. I can actually do this. The first few days will be a learning experience and will have more fails than wins, but that's fine. It's education.

Until tomorrow when I get cornstarch and wire...