Dairy-Free Snickerdoodles

[Author's Note: this is an ongoing story)

My Mom remarked over the holidays that the Snickerdoodle is an amazingly simple recipe considering what a popular cookie it is.

So I decided to take on this classic. I searched the internet and found a common recipe. The changes I made were as follows: 

  • Sugar -> Turbinado Sugar
  • Flour -> I used 100% Whole Wheat Flour
  • Butter -> Coconut Oil

Swapping the sugar is/was fine. No real issue there.

Swapping the flour wasn't as satisfying. With my chocolate chip recipe, I feel that the whole wheat flour adds to the cookie. The Snickerdoodle may be too simple for this change. I'll need to experiment more.

The real problem was the coconut oil. It's too flavorful. It overtakes the cinnamon. 

So I'll need to find another substitute. Being Dairy-Free is so close to being vegan. Sometimes, I think I may as well veganize my recipes. My next step is to research vegan margarine and find a suitable variety.

I'll report more when I make another batch.