Beer Bread

The basis of this recipe is from

For flour, I've been experimenting with various proportions of 100% whole wheat (King Arthur), white whole wheat (King Arthur), and oat (Arrowhead). I also have some rice  (Arrowhead) and barley (Arrowhead) I'd like to try.

As always, I use turbinado sugar.

I tried coconut oil (Trader Joe's) instead of butter, but found that the coconut flavor clashed with the beer flavor.

Finally, for beer I've been using Yuengling lager. When not using 100% whole wheat, I find myself enjoying the complexity of lager in a way I never have before. 100% whole wheat flour's flavor overcomes the beer flavor.

Most recently, I've been sifting in 3 tablespoons of ground cinnamon to the dough.