Automating My Life (an essay in progress)

Problem: I have issues with focus and remembering everything.
Solution: Automate life... specifically automate the creative process.

# Leverage Apple OSX/iOS
- I selected Reminders because it is not a 3rd party developer who could potentially go away. Hopefully it will be more stable than 3rd party developers
- I do use 3rd party apps as an interface: Fantastical2 is the primary. I also use as an input method employing Fantastical2's x-callback scheme.
- Create a List to group to-dos. If necessary, think of it as List=Project.
- Break down projects into smaller tasks that have small time requirements.
- To work around lack of multi-layer hierarchy, use naming convention. ART-[DISCIPLINE]-PROJECT, etc. Breaking art into disciplines allows me to shift gears in a more uniformed fashion.
- All reminders must have a due date so that I am prompted with a reminder. Each due date has a repeat. If Iā€™m unable to complete the task on the assigned date, I can click the completed box as a quick way of saying that I will not be completing that task that day. The reminder will make it repopulate on a different date. (I have a recurring reminder to audit Reminders.)
- Be aware of Reminder limitations.