Wishlist - @1Password


If the developers read this, first of all, thank you. I started writing my WishLists precisely because I love your app and want to use it more.

# Breach Notification Service #

## Resolution ##

1Password's Watchtower utility.

A 1Password service that notifies its customers when a company has been breached.

## Issue ##

I have a lot of accounts with a lot of services.

I have most of them set to not send me emails. The ones I do, I have filters set up so I read their newsletters when I feel like it / have the time because those services are not critical to my life functioning. Mostly these are shopping sites.

I learned the hard way that this practice means it took me two weeks to find out about the Kickstarter breach.

## Solution ##

I would pay for a service from someone like AgileBits to notify me if there's a breach with a site that I have an account on.

I never filter 1Password / AgileBits emails because I view them as critical. Thus, I would never miss a breach notification.